About Our Team

Ben Nehmadi
Founder & Principal

Ben Nehmadi is the esteemed founder and managing principal of Republic Investment Company. With a visionary approach and unparalleled expertise, Mr. Nehmadi embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1983, laying the foundation for the company's remarkable success.

Under Mr. Nehmadi's leadership, Republic Investment Company swiftly gained recognition for its proficiency in identifying under-managed rental buildings and implementing transformative strategies. By implementing substantial capital improvements to both individual units and common areas, he elevated the value of these properties. Additionally, he streamlined operations by bringing construction, management, and leasing activities in-house, resulting in improved financial performance.

Driven by his desire for growth and expansion, Mr. Nehmadi extended the firm's reach beyond the New York metropolitan area. He diversified the portfolio by strategically acquiring properties in major gateway cities across the United States and Central America. This bold move allowed Republic Investment Company to capitalize on new market opportunities and further solidify its position as a leading player in the real estate industry.

Recognizing the need for innovative financing solutions, Mr. Nehmadi founded Republic Funding LLC in 1993. This subsidiary quickly gained prominence for its provision of competitively-priced bridge loans, catering to the increasing demand for short-term, easily accessible commercial real estate financing. Since its inception, Republic Funding LLC has facilitated over 200 bridge loans, enabling borrowers to acquire, reposition, and renovate existing commercial real estate properties.

With Mr. Nehmadi's astute guidance, Republic Investment Company has flourished, currently boasting a diverse portfolio of over 25 active investment properties throughout the United States. As a respected leader in the industry, Ben Nehmadi's exceptional vision and unwavering dedication continue to shape the success and legacy of Republic Investment Company.

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